Oil and Gas Completions Services

Completion Services

O&G will direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of all wells. Maintain records of completion and production operations, monitor production rates plan or rework processes to improve production, and write technical reports for management personnel.

O&G is a strong advocate for the safety and integrity of all wellwork and workover intervention activities. We will provide strategic direction of day to day operations in connection with workover and wellwork operations. Manage rig and third party contractual relationships to deliver success through performance management. O&G; will strive for continual performance improvement through knowledge management and application of new technologies.

Our completions consulting services include the following:

  • Prepare completion and workover programs, including detailed cost estimates and recommended procedures, in collaboration with Well Servicing and preferred vendors
  • Prepare AFE’s for planned work and obtain appropriate approvals
  • Program, schedule and monitor all completion and workover activity for the company
  • Support the implementation of projects and provide technical problem solving support to a multidisciplinary team of geoscientists, development and production engineers, and well servicing personnel
  • Receive and review morning reports and liaise with field supervisors
  • Liaise with service companies
  • Responsible for dealing with regulatory agencies to keep informed of changing regulations and ensure all work is done according to current regulations. Must be up to date on all relevant government regulations in Canada
  • Keep abreast of new technology and implement where appropriate
  • Work closely with production engineers and geologists to ensure everyone is in agreement with planned operations
  • Conduct post project reviews and make recommendations for future program improvements
  • Review and recommend frac designs
  • Review and approve invoices
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